Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Texas Homeowners Insurance

Texas is a great place to live, but we’re no strangers to hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other incidents that can wreck your home. It’s not just weather. What would happen if your HVAC technician gets bit by a rattlesnake while working on your property? What if your tree crashes down on your neighbor’s fence? Obviously, understanding your policy options from homeowners insurance companies in Texas is really important. The most commonly-asked questions by Texas homeowner like yourself include the following:

Will my insurance be expensive?

First things first, the good news. Texas is not the most expensive state to insure your home. Now, the bad news. The average home insurance cost in Texas is $3,429. The average home insurance cost in Texas is more than the national average, due to our constant hurricanes. This makes finding a great policy even more important, because it won’t be affordable otherwise!

What does basic insurance cover?

The basic components of a home insurance policy that you decide the coverage amount for include your dwelling, liability, and deductible. A policy that offers $200,000 dwelling coverage,

$1,000 deductible, and $100,000 liability is pretty typical. The limits of your coverage are typically a set percentage of your dwelling coverage limit. It is often something like:

Personal property – 50 percent

Other structures – 10 percent

Loss of use – 20 percent

What coverage do I need?

The best homeowners insurance means getting the right coverage for you. But, how much coverage is right? This means you should get enough dwelling coverage to match the full replacement cost of your home. The cost to repair damage to your home or rebuild it completely at equal quality, at current prices, is the replacement cost. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a really bad situation after a catastrophic loss like a fire. Liability insurance covers the medical expenses of people who are hurt while in your home, as well as damage caused to neighbors’ property. Personal liability also covers legal fees if you are sued, like if a neighbor trips and is injured on your property.

Shouldn’t I go with the lowest monthly payment?

Just like your auto insurance, you pay a certain amount each month and if an accident or incident should occur, the policy covers the rest. The lower your monthly premium, the higher your deductible. This is the amount you pay before your insurance kicks in. For example, if your home has $5,000 worth of damage, and you have a $1,000 deductible, you pay the first $1,000 out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in for the rest of the $5,000. Is it better to have a higher premium and a lower deductible? The choice is yours; there’s pros and cons to each.

It’s easy to be a little confused and overwhelmed by all of this, but it’s too important to get wrong. Take your time and calculate exactly what kind of coverage you need. Take your time and you will know for sure you have a policy with the right company!

How to check whether the device has a virus or not?

Your computer has frozen, slowed down, or crashes frequently

For some devices, this is merely a sign of old age. However, many times, a slow device, or one that crashes or freezes often, is a sign of a malware infection. PC viruses usually run in the background on your device, interfering with other software, and eating up your processing power. If you are noticing this issue, especially on a new device, then it is time to have your device inspected.

Locked out from logging on

Ransomware has made most individuals familiar with Ransomware. Most Ransomware software locks you out of your device or denies access to specific files until the fee is paid. If you do not see a notice of Ransom, a sudden failure to log on to your device could be due to the malware infection.

Browser homepage has altered without input

Some viruses infect your web browser and inserting themselves onto the pages and changing the settings without your approval. If you notice the suspicious browser behavior such as homepage setting to a different website, a new extension appearing next to your bar, or the new bookmarks added to your browser menu.

Unusual error messages appear

Many viruses will send the error messages as a way of prompt an unwary individual to grant further permissions of the device or approve more downloads. These messages will try to mimic the error messages of device, but there will often be amazing off in the styling of the wording or message box of the message.

If you do not recognize the message, or if it seems strange to you, try Goggling for the exact text of the communication to see whether it is associated with any malware or not.

Tasks are broken up by pop-ups.

Many viruses create irritating pop-ups that break off you while you work with advertisements or alarming messages. These messages are not just frustrating and an indication of a virus on your device.

Disable System tools

Many viruses lock the individual out of the control panel. This prevents many individuals from checking the settings of the device that would show are anything wrong with the device. If you check the control panel and receive a message saying that the administrators are allowed access.

Antivirus software disabled

Malware viruses have a self-defense mechanism in place to stop themselves from being removed. One tool is to disable the antivirus software that runs on the device. Moreover, your antivirus software will warn you if it is disabled.

Contacts are receiving puzzling messages from you.

Viruses always have a look to spread and one of the main ways is that they do this through your contacts. If you do email or social media contacts that are receiving strange messages, it could be a virus on your device and trying to spread.

What Is Regression Testing? Definition, Tools, Method, And Example

Regression testing is considered to be a kind of testing which is done for verifying that any changes in the code of the software does not have any negative effect on the existing functionality of the product.

This is done for ensuring that the software is working properly with the latest functionalities, bug fixes or for introducing any changes in the existing feature. Test cases which were previously executed are re-executed for verifying the effect of the change.

What is regression testing?

Regression testing is similar to a verification process. Here, test cases are known to be automated as it is essential to execute and run the test cases time and again manually. Executing and running the test cases manually is a tedious process and consume a lot of time.

Few problems may occur in the confirmation email and certain changes in the code are done for fixing the same. It is a prerequisite to test the confirmation emails in such cases. It is necessary to test the Dispatched and Acceptance emails for ensuring that if any changes have been introduce in the code, it has not lead to any bugs or errors.

Automated regression testing tools

Automated regression test is recognized to be the testing area in which majority of the testing efforts are automated. Here, all the test cases which have been executed previously are run on a new build. Running and executing the test cases manually consume a lot of time.

Automation of the test cases save a lot of time and thus it is regarded as an effective regression testing technique. The extent of the automation relies on the total count of test cases which are going to be application over the due course of time.

If the test cases differ from one time to the other, the application scope enhances and thus the automation of regression becomes a time waste. Majority of the regression test tools, available in the market, are known to be playback and record type. The test cases are recorded by the navigation via AUT and verifying if the expected results are going to come or not.

Ranorex Studio

With this powerful regression tool, it is possible to maximize the resources and improve the quality of the software. You will be capable of executing more test cases in no time by using this tool. Thus, you can get an increase of 78% efficiency over manual testing by using this tool.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is recognized to be an all-in-one automation tool for the desktop, API, website and mobile apps. By using this tool, you will gain success in designing as well as automating the test cases in no time.

It also allows you to run the scripts on a plethora of cross browsers devices in parallel. In addition to this, it also helps you in reviewing the test results along with a customized and comprehensive test report in CSV, HTML, Logs, and PDF formats and forwards the same in the email attachments via the Katalon Studio.

Other tools include Regression Tester, AdventNet QEngine, Selenium, Watir, vTest, TimeShiftX, SilkTest, Rational Functional Tester, etc. Updating and addition of regression test cases in the automation test suite happens to be tedious task. While choosing the automation tools for the regression tests, you need to check whether the tool enables you to update or add the test cases without any hassles.

Types of Regression testing

Few of the methods of regression testing include partial regression, unit regression and complete regression.

Unit Regression

Unit Regression is accomplished during Unit testing stage whereas the testing of the code is done in isolation. Any dependencies of the unit which can be tested needs to be blocked so that it is possible to test the units individually without any sort of discrepancy.

Partial regression

Partial Regression is known to be done for verifying that the code is working fine even when changes are introduced in the code or if the unit is integrated with the already existing and unchanged code.

Complete regression

Complete regression is done as any code change is accomplished on the number of modules and whether the effect of change in any part of the module is not certain. Thus, the product is regressed as a whole for checking whether any flaws have been introduced owing to the changed code.

Regression Testing Techniques

Here is a list of the leading regression testing processes.

Retesting all

The whole test cases in the test suite are known to be re-executed for ensuring that no errors have been introduced if any change has been made in the code. It is considered to be an expensive technique as it needs more resources and time, in comparison to the other procedure.
Regression Test Selection

In this technique, the test cases which are chosen from the test suite needs to be re-executed. Here, not the whole product is re-executed. Choice of the test cases is accomplished on the basis of change in the code in the module. The test cases are known to be divided into two categories, the Reusable test cases and the obsolete test cases.

Test case prioritization

Test cases, having the high priority are known to be executed at first. The priority of these test cases is dependent on the cruciality as well as its effect on the product, and its functionality.


The hybrid process is considered to be the combination of test case prioritization and regression test selection. Instead of choosing the whole test suite, you need to choose only those test cases which can be re-executed, according to the priority.

Regression testing services is considered to be a kind of software testing in which every test case is re-executed for finding if the previous functionality of the software is working properly and whether the latest changes have not lead to any errors in the product.

It is possible to perform the test on a new build as significant change is introduced in the original functionality. Regression refers to the retesting of different unchanged parts of the software.

WiFi Cameras are the New Era of Home Security

Wi-fi Camera is the perfect solution for homeowners to protect their homes and stop unwanted activities. Nowadays, there are a lot of Security Cameras available in the market with various specifications. We should analyze our requirements before we go for its installation.

Some of the security cameras which are widely used as of now are as mentioned below:

PTZ Cameras: By using Pan Tilt Zoom Camera users can control the direction and position of the camera from anywhere in the world. Pan refers to horizontal movement while tilt describes vertical movement. Also, you can zoom any object and take HD footage while you are not present at home. These cameras are very useful for home security as this allows you to operate it from your smartphone very easily.
Bullet Cameras: These cameras are useful for outdoor surveillance. We can protect the outdoor space of our home by using bullet cameras. Bullet camera works in all weather conditions may it be rainy, summer or winter.
Dome Camera: Dome cameras are useful for indoor and outdoor security. Dome camera shapes make it useful as a thief could not know where the lens is framing the images.

But now the world is leaning more towards wireless solutions may it be your home internet or any other communication devices. Likewise, we have come up with wireless security solutions that work on the wireless network and it transfers the data over the same.

Some advantages of wifi cameras are as below:

Cloud Storage: Wireless Camera allows you to save your recordings on cloud storage. You can access your data very easily and forget worrying about messy storage media.
Motion Detection: It is one of the most important features of Wifi cameras; whenever anyone comes into camera range suddenly it starts recording.
Tow-Way- Communication: You can talk to your family member or welcome your guest while you are not present at home through this feature of two-way communication.
Remote Control: You can control your camera with your smartphone from anywhere in the world remotely.